MARCELINE joaillerie is a heartfelt tribute to a family member of the brand’s visionary founder, Anne-Marie LeFlanchec. 
Anne-Marie’s love for jewellery and her passion for art serve as a constant source of inspiration for the
brand’s creative direction.

The Creation of MARCELINE

Anne-Marie Le Flanchec, Founder and Designer of MARCELINE, has held a lifelong interest and gravitation toward fine art and spirituality. Raised in Paris surrounded by inspiring and rich French culture, she pursued her passions in the areas of art history, interior design, and jewelry design. Today, Anne-Marie likes to share her time between Paris, Los Angeles and Thailand, a playground for her inspirations. Born from the union of two passions, MARCELINE is the child of beauty and wisdom. Inspired by the universal principle of wisdom, MARCELINE offers unique collectionsof fine jewelry with a devotion to luxury craftsmanship. The designs are contemporary and elegant, yet sometimes edgy and provoking. With their own clear conviction, MARCELINE jewelry collections exposes meaning and purpose, and honors the essence and potential of the human spirit. MARCELINE believes in dreaming the world into a wiser and kinder reality, and sharing its intrinsic beauty as far and wide as possible.

The Craftsmanship

MARCELINE uses two sophisticated engraving techniques to create intricate signature patterns called the “Guilloché” and “Flinking.” This affirms a recognizable trademark that is the heart of the MARCELINE brand.

The Guilloché and Flinking techniques has historically been used in decorative art among the wealthiest European Royal Courts in the 18th Century. The renowned Peter Karl Fabergé employed the Guilloché and Flinking ornamental engraving to decorate his masterpieces of Imperial Eggs and the Crown Jewels of the Royal Courts across Europe.

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